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03 April 2011

Updates...and Betrayal's New Status in My World

The post immediately before this one (or under this one, depending on how you wanna look at it), is dated January 2010. Eek. That is a long time for a blog to go un-updated. So, here are a few things happening in my writerly world, with Betrayal in particular. 

With Heartless officially out-of-print, Betrayal is my new far as I know. (I don't get the actual sales reports for Deception until I get the royalties for Deception. I can't check it every other day...not that I do that with any of my titles. That would be obsessive and a wee bit compulsive. And we all know writers are neither obsessive nor compulsive. Right?) 

All that aside, I'm hoping TreasureLine will pick up Betrayal like they did with Heartless. I'd love to give it a sexy new cover and a tighter interior edit and format. Plus, I LOVE TreasureLine and would love for a portion of my earnings to benefit the growth and expansion of such a great publisher. 

One thing happening that has little to do with Betrayal--OK, it has some--is my new cover design site. That's right. An author asked for one of my eye-catching flower covers for her new release and after that I decided to take the next step and offer my services to anyone with a paypal account. (There has to money in the account. I mean, I may do this because I love it, but I can't do it for free.) Go to to see my gallery of covers. 

I'll leave it at that for now. Look for new posts to this blog in the coming week or so. I mean to keep all my blogs more updated. I have quite a few so this is no small feat. Still, I will try. 

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