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02 March 2013

An All New Betrayal

As is the case with my other self-published books, Betrayal was picked up by TreasureLine Publishing's traditional imprint and will be undergoing a revamp, inside and out. And just to tease you a bit, here's a clip of the new cover: 

I know it's not much of a clip, but what do you think? Yes, this cover will have the hero/heroine on it. I know this isn't ideal for some readers as they like to imagine the main characters rather than have them shown to them, but when I saw this couple they so closely resembled what I pictured that I couldn't turn them down. 

I will reveal the whole cover when the book is closer to being redone. I tend to take more time than necessary revamping my older books (Heartless took over a year!!), but I'm determined to curb my over-editing instincts and let the younger me remain intact. I know I made writing mistakes early on in my career but I was young and impetuous. I don't really want to destroy that side of me, though I do plan to clean up the mistakes some. Especially when it comes to anachronisms. Those sneaky little things need to go! 

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