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24 June 2009

Introductions: Adam's Best Friend, Lord Connor Northwicke

Lord Connor Northwicke is the only person Adam really trusts.

Slightly taller than average with blond hair and blue eyes, Connor has a ready smile and a penchant for behaving in ways not always entirely acceptable in Society. He is the second son of the Duke of Denbigh with a very comfortable income of his own. This allows him a measure of freedom seldom enjoyed by second sons.

When Connor was younger, he developed an interest in the medical field. He had a wonderful mentor and friend who was willing to teach him all he was willing to learn.

Connor's "hobby" turned out to be more useful than it should have been. The son of a duke had no business acting as physician to the tenants. With his usual insouciance for what was considered "proper" behavior, Connor did as he wished, acting in a medical capacity when Dr Steele was not available.

Adam and Connor's friendship started at Eton when Adam taught Connor to defend himself from bullies. Despite their three-year age difference and personalities as different as black and white, the two young men became inseparable.

Where Adam was somber and studious, Connor was lighthearted and athletic. They rarely agreed on anything yet kept each other from getting into too much trouble.

After Adam's return from war, Connor found him unapproachable for the first time. The dark-haired man was secretive, bitter, and closemouthed about his reasons for being so. Connor formed some conclusions, did some sleuthing of his own and discovered a few secrets that worried and shocked him.

Connor's first appearance in Betrayal is within the first few chapters. Once again, when Adam finds himself into more than he can handle alone, he enlists the help of his best friend. Connor appears frequently through Adam's story, as does Connor's wife Verena. (Their story is told in a prequel, the yet-to-be-released Angel.)

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